Kristina – Week 6 Report

– Tractor Beam and Thruster Capacitor Limitation
– Figuring out ideal values/Testing
– Implementing Boundary pull away “Tractor Beam”
– More asteroids and their generated positions and/or velocities
– Power-ups if time allows

Goals Accomplished
– Set up the Extractor
– Set up the Asteroids in the field (random size, velocity, position)
–  Switched to a sphere boundary (fixed the boundary collision)
–  Asteroids regenerate once they hit the outside (asteroid) boundary
–  Implemented Holding objects with the tractor beam (not final yet)

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals
– Wasn’t sure if we still need/want a limitation on tractor beam/engine use so didn’t implement the capacitor yet
–  Didn’t have time to get to the power-ups

Goals for Next Week
– Finally implement Power-ups
– Improving Tractor Beam
– Fixing Bugs
– Play-Testing gameplay

– Wish I had got more done this week, but hopefully next week will be better.

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