Week 6 Progress – Andrew

– HUD: Winner screen/popup. Maybe some indication of where to take a resource once you have it (arrow to base that turns on when you have a resource).
– Simple velocity based position prediction model to fix jumpy ship movement that comes with higher speeds.
– HDR/Bloom.

Goals Accomplished
List of planned goals accomplished
– NONE!!!
– Well actually, I did add a player mothership arrow for easier resource return, but it isn’t sent up to only be on when the player ship  has a resource. That’s an easy change though.  I just need the data from the server.

List of additional accomplishments:
– Add wireframe for collision bounds debugging
– I’d like to think I helped figure out a few issues with why the models were showing up in the wrong place with the wrong darkness. I just looked at the .x files for that though…
– Stare into the abyss as I decide to switch the rendering over (either partially or fully) to a programmable pipeline. (This is so not an accomplishment)

Unaccomplished Goals
Reason for all unaccomplished goals:
– Predictive positions: Couldn’t because of a lack of support from server (other people were doing more important things, and this isn’t mission-critical)
– HDR/Bloom: The realities of HDR (difficulty, need for programmable shaders, and usefulness in our game given the openness of space) shot me down.

List of unaccomplished Goals:
– HDR/Bloom.
– Winner screen.
– Predictive positions

Goals for Next Week
– Switch engine over to programmable pipeline (oh boy…)
– Use that programmable pipeline to get some sweet new shader action going (OH BOY!)
– All that other stuff that needs doing, whenever the time is right for each of them. (HUD updates, “radar” system (with tyler?), winner screen (or however we’re doing that), power-ups???)

I wish I’d gotten more done this week. I wish this programmable pipeline change wasn’t so daunting. Maybe it won’t be that bad? I still don’t know exactly how I want to play it. Still, I’m really looking forward to learning and playing with shaders once that change is done.

Also, generally speaking the graphics engine has all it needs to be played/play tested (and it has had all that for a week now), so my lack of progress isn’t very detrimental to the game as a whole.

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