Kristina – Week 7 Report

– Finally implement Power-ups
– Improving Tractor Beam
– Fixing Bugs
– Play-Testing gameplay

Goals Accomplished
– Finished implementing holding objects with tractor beam (movement as a group and relative to each other is dependent on both the object’s and ship’s mass, the distance between them will always be the same while holding the object)
– Started on Powerups, server side base stuff is finished and a simple speedup powerup is sorta implemented, but still need client side to be able to visualize it
– Fixed some random bugs and changes
– Basic Multi-player gameplay tested

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals
– I was able to finish everything I had planned to do, though I probably should have play tested it more

Goals for Next Week
– Implement more Powerup types, integrate with the new event system
– Polishing gameplay, changing things based on Play-testing
– Maybe help out on the client side?

– Gameplay is pretty much done 🙂

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