Michael – Week 7 Report


  • Collision sound effects.
  • Play testing.
  • Music.
  • Some re-factoring?

Goals Accomplished

  • Got quite a bit of play testing in at home (not really “multiplayer” when you are on both computers)
  • Re-factored a bit of the sound code for easier collision sound integration and whatever random sound effects we add.
  • Code for music is done, just need… music.

Reason For Unaccomplished Goals

  • Pretty busy this week, so it was a bit slow. Need to talk with the group about collisions a bit more to get the sounds working for that,
  • Need to discuss with group about music.

Goals for Next Week

  • Actually play test with everyone!
  • Wrap up sound and music.
  • Config tweaking?
  • Game menu?


Was a slow week, we definitely need to set up some time to really play-test this coming week.


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