Week 8 Status Report – Adrian


  • Develop Menu Screens
  • Create splash screens for each faction
  • Playtest
  • Create all mothership skins
  • Develop HUD iterations

Goals Accomplished

  • Developed Scoreboard screen
  • Playtested
  • Created all mothership skins
  • Arrows and icons for the HUD

Reason for Unaccomplished Goals

  • Simply refining how we want the game to work, so splash screen is currently out  in favor of alternatives, such as post game scoreboard

Goals For Next Week

  • More HUD
  • More menus? need to determine how much we want
  • Playtest, develop new HUD elements/icons/menus depending what we decide is needed


  • Good, the game is very fun to play, and looks very sexy imho!

motherships montage scoreboard_mockup

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