Kristina – Week 8 Report

– Implement more Powerup types, integrate with the new event system
– Polishing gameplay, changing things based on Play-testing
– Maybe help out on the client side?

Goals Accomplished
– Finished powerup gameplay (shield, pulse, speed boost)
– Fixed lots of bugs/refinements
– Added a defense (mash button to get person’s tractor beam off of you) and offense (mash button to knock resource off of player you are tractor beaming) to gameplay
– Lots of play-testing

Wednesday Update:
– Added a Brake, Immovable tag, and fixed some more bugs/added random stuff

Reasons for Unaccomplished Goals

Goals for Next Week
– Few more bugs/fixes in gameplay to get to
– Playtesting to find more fixes to get done
– Crosshair for tractor beam maybe (could be an option for player)
– Reverse controls

– Glad to finally play test the game

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