Eric – Week 8 Report


  • Allow clients to initiate a game.
  • Print network throughput on the client.
  • Integrate collision events into the master branch.
  • Work on making sure the client will not miss any collision events sent by the server.

Goals – Accomplished:

  • Network stable (finally).
  • Clients can now initiate a game.
  • Integrated new player ship arrows and switchable arrow sprites.
  • Added arrows for the extractor and unclaimed resources.

Reason for Unaccomplished Goals:

Network throughput printing wasn’t worth the time. Delta+compression works and it requires significantly less bandwidth as seen through external means (task manager, socket sniffers, etc).

Collision events haven’t been implemented yet. I’m waiting on Farhad to  finish up his portion before I work on making sure the client doesn’t miss events (though I’m pretty sure I know how to do it already and it should be relatively easy).

Goals for next week:

  • Add final font into the game.
  • Add power up sprites to HUD.
  • Integrate the collision events.
  • Add player insignia’s to HUD.
  • Add player insignia’s to mother ships.




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