Week 8 Progress – Andrew


  • Finish Bloom (Sun effect)
  • Visualize Powerups
  • All that other stuff that needs doing, whenever the time is right for each of them. (HUD updates with new sprites, “radar” system (with tyler?), winner screen (or however we’re doing that), splash screen / starup screen (just need to put it in place, others are working on it (well just adrian for now, as far as I know))) (nested (parentheses))

Goals Accomplished

Goal’s accomplished (ignoring what was planned, so much has been done, listing it all)

  • Bloom:
    • render texture to screen and scene to texture
    • glowmap generation
    • blur shader
    • blend shader
    • fixed the subsequent breaks to full-screen mode that these additions cost
  • Fixed EID’s (arrows that point to ships) so they alligned correctly with an eliptical shape instead of a spherical one (so the transitions between on screen and off screen arrow placement were smooth, instead of jumpy)
  • fix texture loading (WOO!) Game now loads about 10x faster and uses half as much ram
  • tighten bloom (double size)
  • visualize burst powerup
  • visualize shield powerup


Unaccomplished Goals
Don’t care, look at what needs to be done below

Goals for Next Week
In order of priority:

  1. place winner’s screen (will need textures from adrian)
  2. visualize boost
  3. tie in power up vis (need info from network)
  4. Particle orb on powerup platform
  5. particle effect for collisions (if I ever get the info)
  6. interpolation? (server time to particles)
  7. add specular to bloom
  8. texture to sun
  9. HDR
  10. green glow (color filter + bloom + render resources + extractor on seperate pass)
  11. visualize player’s location with particles (probably not)


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