Michael – Week 8 Report


  • Actually play test with everyone!
  • Wrap up sound and music.
  • Config tweaking?
  • Game menu?

Goals Accomplished

  • Got quite a bit of play testing in this week.
  • We were able to play test for a bit on the demo machines and everything worked beautifully!
  • A bit of controller modification + sound progress.

Reason For Unaccomplished Goals

  • Just waiting on the whole event system to get the rest of the sounds in (for power-ups + collisions).
  • Need some real sounds/music. Eric has a friend that should be getting us some soon.

Goals for Next Week

  • Finish sound when the event thing is done.
  • Integrate Eric’s friends stuff (quick).
  • More playtesting.
  • Random last week things…


The game was actually pretty enjoyable to play this week, I’m happy. Just need to power through this last week.


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