Week 9 Status Report – Adrian


  • More HUD
  • More menus? need to determine how much we want
  • Playtest, develop new HUD elements/icons/menus depending what we decide is needed

Goals Accomplished

  • HUD nearly finalized, many more icons
  • Splash screen and scorescreen done
  • Created powerup model
  • Fixed culling issues
  • Playtested more!

Reason for Unaccomplished Goals

  • Nothin.

Goals For Next Week

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Sleep


  • Doing great! It has really come together, and there are still going to be alot of rolling changes this week to pollish!

arrow_mothership arrow_resource_icon powerup_blast powerup_shield powerup_speed splashscreen_001 splashscreen_002

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