Michael – Week 9 Report


  • Finish sound when the event thing is done.
  • Integrate Eric’s friends stuff (quick).
  • More playtesting.
  • Random last week things…

Goals Accomplished

  • Got the event based sounds working (sounds when the ship collides with asteroids)
  • Got Eric’s contact’s sound integrated into the game, it sounds better!
  • Ambient sound added.
  • Playtesting.
  • Refactoring and random stuff

Reason For Unaccomplished Goals

  • All the goals were accomplished, just polishing these last things wee need to get done up before the demo now.
  • Still need a few more sounds from Eric’s contact.

Goals for Next Week

  • Put the rest of the sounds in.
  • Some TODO list items.
  • Playtesting.
  • Dry run demo!
  • Demo.


Last week, yay! Looking forward to the demo.


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