Week 2 Status Report – April 16


Game Engine demo shot

Game Engine demo shot


Progress Video:

Overall Status:

Basic architecture completed:

  • Conceptually divided classes into three groups — client, server, and shared.
  • Shared classes (entities) form a base for both client and server, and represent the information that will be shared/synced via the networking code.
  • Client classes, in general, will extend the shared classes to provide rendering support based on the state of the shared object.
  • Server classes, in general, will extend the shared classes to provide gameplay support (physics/motion/collision, along with other gameplay mechanics).
  • Networking code will allow the base classes to sync between client and server.

Prototype rendering engine:

  • Window creation
  • Camera support
  • Mesh/model support
  • Skybox support
  • Basic entity support

Basic client/server networking complete:

  • UDP echo server
  • Basic object¬†transmission¬†over network
  • Rudimentary integration with graphics engine on client

Prototype object physics (for single entity):

  • Movement
  • Rotation
  • Basic thrust/force calculations for Ship class


In general — this week was learning technologies and laying the foundations for the project. Next week will be focusing on wrapping up the basic client-side and server-side implementations, and then focusing on bringing them together.


Group Morale:

Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space.


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