Status Report Week 2


Finalize Concept Art

  • Player Ship
  • Motherships
  • Basic Extractor module

Create player ship model

  • modelled
  • skinned

Experiment with Asteroid generation

Completed Goals

  • Finalized concept art
  • Image (19)Image (17)Image (16)player_ship_concept
  • player ship modelled and skinned

Preliminary asteroids begun, no definite answer yet though


Goals For Next Week

  • Texture player ship
  • Model Mothership/develop visual theme for motherships
  • Model Asteroids


Feeling manageable now that methodology and imagery is established, hoping to shoot forwards.

player_protohull_side_001player ship comarisonplayer_protohull_angle_001player_hull_001player_protohull_001player_protohull_front_001player_protohull_angle_002player_protohull_front_002


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