Week 2 Updates

April 10, 2013 Meeting

Individual Updates
Arick Chow
Jennifer Fang
Priscilla Hasjim
Rohan Halliyal
Thinh Nguyen
Trevor Pottinger
Yixin Zhu

Group Update

  • Networking: Send data as floats, not as strings
  • Render: Basic geometry
  • Camera: Third-person camera
  • Controls: wasd, mouse, arrow keys
  • Artwork: Initial sketches


  • Parsing strings not slow, so continuing to send string messages between client and server
  • Sending wasd events to server and sending world state back to client
  • Can render cubes
  • Almost done with basic particles
  • Have dust bunny sketches and some game menu sketches

Group Morale
Going strong! Really excited to get the game working.