Week 3 Updates

April 17, 2013 Meeting

Individual Updates
Arick Chow
Jennifer Fang
Priscilla Hasjim
Rohan Halliyal
Thinh Nguyen
Trevor Pottinger
Yixin Zhu

Group Update

  • Networking: Send float arrays
  • Physics: Simple shape collision detection
  • UI: Bare-bones game setup and game menus
  • Sound: 2-3 min theme song


  • Decided we don’t have a need to send floats yet
  • Collisions are working (right now only visible between players because we have no other objects to collide with)
  • We can have multiple games! Menu page working.
  • “Another One Bites the Dust” is the current game theme song (not in the game yet)

Group Morale
We got our groove back 😉 More motivated than ever!