Week 3: Priscilla

Concrete Goals for the Week

  • Tweak the menu pages as needed
  • Crank out basic models for characters and environment

Goals Accomplished

  • Menu designs done and shared with group
  • Basic dust bunny models
  • Basic environment house model
  • The theme song!

04.25 bunny 04.25 room

Unfinished Goals & Reasons Why

  • I really wanted to be able to create more complex environments, but I realized that most of my struggles was learning how to use Max 3ds… Now that I am more asquianted with the software, I plan on being able to create environments more easily

Next week

  • Learning how to take a screenshot of Windows 7 on Bootcamp…
  • Adding textures to the models
  • Perhaps learning how to integrate it into the program… I really want to shadow the group members when they are doing collision detection 😛


  • B.A.M.