Week 3: Rohan


  • merge stuff asap and get our develop / master branch to be clean and so we can all go on to start features from those branches and be able to push them easily
  • personally: start learning graphics or physics or something else so I can continue to contribute lots


  • the merging


  • not sure if perfectly clean, but it works

Next week

  • time to begin on actual features now that game framework is decent

I feel like we slowed down since last week because we didn’t communicate fast enough about how to fix things and build a cleaner version of the features that we had by the end of second week. So by the end of third week our game looks ┬áthe same, but the server code is much cleaner and has more features and the client code is a little bit cleaner (still needs improvement if clean code is our goal). And now we have the cool multiple games per server thing closer to working. Hopefully we are progressing towards a game framework that makes everyone happy and is easy to understand, so that everyone can contribute towards making a really pretty and feature-rich game.

(no more question marks next to my name :-P)