Week 6: Jennifer


  • Not sure that I made any. I think the general idea was “get stuff done.”


  • Synced the models on client and server sides so that walls are lined up :D. Characters will be correctly proportioned (vs. still using Yixin Cube sizes for collisions) once we load them on the server side (why haven’t we?).
  • Helped Yixin get vacuuming working after characters move. Death to raycasters and apparently I learned and retained something! Evil threejs raycasters is why we changed to bounding sphere collisions two weeks ago.


  • Started syncing critters code, but it will change once we organize the mess that is the networking data we are sending across.

Next week

  • Collisions?! Will sphere-sphere collisions ever work?! Maybe we should make all the players and bunnies ghosts and call it a feature.
  • Spawn bunnies, yay!

Low. But done with heap spraying and all midterms, so I’m trying to get back on the productivity ball. Like so: