Week 6: Yixin


  • get vacuum intersection working
  • start game logic
    • delete enemy on vacuum


  • vacuum intersection for all players using a single ray caster for each player’s vacuum


  • vacuum game logic
    • need to extend vacuum intersection to enemies since enemies which becomes a networking problem as well since enemies are currently hacked together to spawn on the client side only

Next week

  • vacuum game logic
  • incorporate state –> animations associated with state
  • add more ray casters to create a 5 ray skeleton of the vacuum (4 points of a square + center) to cover the area of the vacuum particles.
    • add to game logic by having each individual ray add a force towards its center (each one adding 1/5 of the total force) so that if all 5 rays intersect an object than that object gets the full pull force whereas if only some rays intersect the pull force isn’t as strong

I feel a morale is a bit low for our team but I am optimistic about coming together these next couple of weeks as we are starting to get the backend stuff out of the way and starting to focus on front end stuff. Being able to physically see the results is very helpful for morale.