Week 8: Jennifer


  • Get shit done
  • Load Priscilla’s new models
  • Correct wall collisions


  • OMG corrected wall collisions
  • Vacuum not coming out of the player’s feet! We can vacuum bunnies without aiming up through the floor!
  • Bunnies are actually bunnies, not ghosts!
  • Newly loaded everything models!
  • Helped Priscilla load the custom fonts, which was a terrible experience.


  • Wall collisions looked great but acts a little funky with the new room model… May have to do with our custom loader on the server side (vs the THREE loader on the client side)

Next week

  • When more players join a game, cycle through various player textures so they can tell each other apart 🙂
  • Polish, polish, polish
  • Odd jobs

Woot! High fives all around.