Week 8: Yixin


  • fix/fine tune vacuum
  • add more raycasters
  • basic critter movement
  • audio


  • added translation and rotation of vacuum to fit new server-client interface
  • updated server to keep track of state change so as to update the client when any state changes and not just a movement change (this was to fix the bug that if you stop vacuuming the vacuum doesn’t turn off until you do some sort of movement with player or camera)
  • added 4 more raycasters that are created from projecting a circle in 3d space using the current position and orientation vector and taking 4 projected points on the circle (at 45 degree intervals) and creating another directional vector that is then used for the raycaster
  • started critter movement by rotating critters around the worlds y axis
  • added theme song “another one bites the dust”


  • raycaster’s are not as precise as hoped, some intersections happen outside of the cone of the vacuum particle system, and the projects points arent exactly at 45 degree intervals (probably due to the finding of orthogonal vectors equation will find any vector that intersects)
  • critter position/meshposition is being updated on the server but is not propogating to the client for some reason, probably because when we change/update the position we also need to mark the critter as changed so that the server recognizes the need to update the client (should be a quick fix)
    • next step for this is to also rotate the mesh of the critter but seeing as how that is still an action item for the player mesh we should tackle both at the same time

Next week

  • fine tune raycasters
  • get critter movement working
  • mesh rotations
  • more sounds
  • shaders
  • animations

Let’s go.