Week 9: Priscilla

Concrete Goals for the Week

  • Get animations loaded once and for all
  • Work with JQuery to make the UI stuff fancy
  • Make random models (like presents!)
  • Refine everything

Goals Accomplished

  • The UI stuff is super nice and neat now
  • Finished modeling random props (a battery, a bar of soap, a stick of butter)


Unfinished Goals & Reasons Why

  • Animations are STILL giving me a really hard time… I did all the animations and they are working as .max files, but for some reason it cannot export into a .dae file properly 🙁 I’m just a little sad because everybody I’ve come to for help has given me the same advice and I feel like I’m running out of solutions.

Next week



  • I’m super happy that I got to play around with CSS/JQuery because I love doing that kind of stuff! I’m really proud of the menu and UI stuff I did with the game and I like how it’s turning out. I can’t believe I’m still stuck on animations though because I thought I would have it done by now