Week 9: Yixin


  • make a demo-able game


  • mesh rotations
  • better lighting
  • increased field of view
  • vacuum updates
    • stopped animation when charge is depleted
    • fixed raycaster logic – left side is where raycasters used to be on the projected circle in 3d space and the right side is where they are now485396_1976257960164_1482240963_n
    • added optimizations to intersection calculations
    • offset vacuum to fit player model
  • added hp to critters
  • update critter mesh size based off hp so as to give the appearance of “shrinking” as it is being vacuumed
  • critter AI improved – move around a random point in the environment rather than just the origin
  • added audio
    • theme song
    • vacuum
    • critter death
    • random background audio
  • messed with random numbers to improve gameplay (critter size, speed, hp, vacuum radius, etc)


  • animations
  • items/powerups – models created and loaded just need to add in the logic and visuals to go with it, should be done by tomorrow

Next week


HIGH. crunch time leggo