Week 10: Priscilla

Concrete Goals for the Week

  • Everything

Goals Accomplished

  • Making new friends


Unfinished Goals & Reasons Why

  • Animations will always break my heart


  • I am so so SO thankful that I had the opportunity this quarter to be able to take CSE125 and work with a wonderfully awesome group. When Trevor first approached me about this class Winter Quarter, I had no idea that a course like this existed and I was incredibly indifferent about a class that I had to apply for. But after some convincing, I finally applied under the constraints that I REALLY wanted to work with WebGL and that UI is going to be my thing. On the first day, Trevor informed me that the team he was constructing Winter Quarter either (a) didn’t make it into the course or (b) decided not to apply at all… Well shit. LUCKILY, Jennifer, who knew Trevor, pulled us under her wing and added us to the group which, in my opinion ended up really working out. The group was down for WebGL, a cutesy/cartoony feel, and tolerated my cheeztastic puns (haha). And I was totally digging their concept… I mean… C’mon! Fat kids running around with vacuum cleaners?! What’s not to love!!!! Overall, it’s been a crazy/awesome/stressful/action-packed quarter. I’m happy that it’s over, sad that it’s over (and that everyone except me is a senior and LEAVING ME). Bittersweet, yes, but I think this quarter went smooth like Butter* 😉