Week 4: Priscilla

Concrete Goals for the Week

  • Make character models
  • Make more models for the environment
  • Get textures on models (especially the rooms!)
  • Start playing around with animating the models

Goals Accomplished

  • Created a room with stairs and windows that can be used for collision testing
  • Created basic player model
  • Added hair on the bunnies
  • Started tweaking the basic player model to make it more complex







Unfinished Goals & Reasons Why

  • I thought slapping the textures on the models and animating them were going to be a lot easier… Turns out it’s a larger task then I expected. I want to continue working on the character models, making them a bit more complex, and start implementing their interactive skeletal system.

Next week

  • Complete the character model and perhaps start animating it
  • Add textures to models
  • Read up on JQuery so the interface will be a lot more malleable


  • It’s 4th week??!! Ahh! A bit stressed because of all the other things I have going on but everything will pull through eventually!