Game Play


1) buy a computer
2) install chrome
3) go to our HTML page
4) login through Facebook
4b*) relax with some alcohol (this will make up for your computer’s lack of amazing graphics. Being slightly buzzed has been proven to improve graphics and difficulty level by over 72%!)
5**) pew pew pew, pew pew pew, pew pew pew
6) enjoy, refresh page, share on facebook (or google+ if you’re one of the special few who are die-hard loyalists).

* Optional: We do not condone drinking under the legal age. We do not condone drinking while playing on multiplayer games and pissing off your teammates. We do however encourage having a good time, having some good laughs, and sharing with your friends.

** Note: textual sounds not included in final game

-Thinh Nguyen