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(To Dos for this week)
(To Dos for this week)
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   - Play with numbers for damage, health, number of tentacles, gravity, camera speed, etc.
   - Play with numbers for damage, health, number of tentacles, gravity, camera speed, etc.
   - Draw bullets and harpoon from the gun as opposed to the chest
   - Draw bullets and harpoon from the gun as opposed to the chest
  - Fix Bullets

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Hyperion's Demise

Ninja Coders

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Hot keys

Gravity - DPAD + (Y + DPAD UP/DOWN)

Brightness - X + DPAD UP/DOWN

Camera Height - B + DPAD UP/DOWN

Camera Depth - B + DPAD RIGHT/LEFT

Camera Reset - X



  • Reset doesn't work in the debug/release executable.
  • Jumping doesn't work when gravity points to the ceiling, the collision normal against the ceiling is (0,1,0) but it should be (0,-1,0)
  • You can charge right through a wall...... Non Issue!
  • Particle effects don't work through reset
  • Charging particles stay alive

Probably should fix

  • Quitting has an error because the Monster destructor tries to set the HUD, and I think it's already deleted

Probably won't fix

  • Variable number of particles is wonky

To Dos for this week


 - Reduce number of particles
 - Smaller scientist particles in third person
 - Smaller/Remove scientist particles in first person 
 - Maybe change fireball/bullet texture
 - Cross-hairs for targeting in first person
 - Slower rage particles
 - Train Janet and Willy
 -  Screenshots 
 - Play with numbers for damage, health, number of tentacles, gravity, camera speed, etc.
 - Draw bullets and harpoon from the gun as opposed to the chest
 - Fix Bullets


 - Fireball sound
 - Roaring sound
 - Look for TODO_HARO in Michael's code!!!!
 -  Add player model 
 -  Shooter animations
 - Mechanic animations
 - Scientist animations 
 - Death be nimble death be quick
 - Fog happen on new phase
 - Fix Head animations
   -  Death 
   - Move
 -  Smart Heads that react to attacks 
 -  Move tentacles to you when gravity is on east wall/window 
 - Phase System with hot key for switching
   - Tentacles that are passive
   - Tentacles that attack
   - Gravity switch with Tentacles
   - Fog on top of Gravity and Tentacles
   - Fog and Gravity and Monster Heads
   - Fog, Gravity, and SMART Monster Heads
   - End: Game Over - stats screen
 -  Make head face you when it shoots
   - It looks wrong, I'm scraping this.


 - Add scientist animation logic for when he's the other characters
 - Test scientist model switching with new models
 - Fix death count on recycling tentacles!
 -  Empty collision model for pre-loaded tentacles 
 -  Get rid of harpoon range limit 
 -  Fix bullets (make them last less, add more) 
   - Separate statics - moved to config file
 - Aim assist
 -  Pre-load and re-use tentacles/heads every phase 
 - Scientist model switching
 - Keyboard input 
 -  Player Animations Logic - ONLY FOR CYBORG
   - CHECK - Idle 1-40
   - CHECK - Run 42-71
   - CHECK - Begin Jump 73-81
   - CHECK - Floating up 81-100
   - Transition up to down 101-105
   - CHECK - Falling down 105-124
   - CHECK - Death 131-205
   - Charge Begin 210-214
   - CHECK - Charge Loop 215-234
   - Ready begin 235-239
   - Ready 240-259
   - CHECK - Attack 260-290 


 -  Tentacle Collision boxes  
 - Tentacle Angling towards Player
 - Testing Tentacle
 - Work with Justina on consistent tentacle look
 - Start screen player icons
 - Fix start screen player ready
 - HUD tutorial text for each player
 - Story (Outline is in status report)
 - Speech
 - Stats screen background image
 - Icons for the different phases


 - Re-enable pitch for 3rd person camera
 - Flip pitch for 1st person
 - Let pitch go all the way up
 - Remove elevator, fix wall height map, add static doors
 - Maybe bounded camera, now that there's no elevator?


 - Sound Effects
 - Sound Track/Battle Music


 - Animated Cyborg model
   - Idle
   - Run
   - Jump
   - Floating up
   - Falling down
   - Death
   - Charge
   - Ready
   - Attack
 - Animated Shooter model
   - Idle
   - Run
   - Jump
   - Floating up
   - Falling down
   - Death
   - Aim (Charge)
   - Shoot (Ready)
 - Models have different colored capes 
 - Intro 2D drawings for story

Making the game fun

  • Fix lag o_o
    • Fewer Tentacle Rage Particles
    • Fewer Fog Particles
  • Faster turning camera
  • Test with INIT_HEALTH = 100, change damage numbers (bullets, fireballs, etc.) so they make sense
  • Show player title in stats and tutorial
  • Test/Fix Start screen
  • Better bullet graphics (different texture?)
  • Visualize target in FPV
  • Make the harpoon a stun gun when it hits a tentacle
  • Make bullets moar dmg, big delay between every bullet, no bounce
  • Increase gravity interval
  • Decrease 0-G interval
  • Platforms:
    • 5 moving: middles of walls
    • 5 static: corners and center
    • 3 crates
  • Increase platform size by 4
    • Make sure harpooner can harpoon itself and others onto platforms
  • Change charge into invincible mode for small period of time with delay in between
  • Story at the beginning
  • Making powers slightly more overpowered/fun.
  • Extend play time: More Phases - Make them automatically switch or making some player switch.
    • Phase 1: Tentacles that are passive
    • Phase 2: Tentacles that attack
    • Phase 3: Gravity switch with Tentacles
    • Phase 4: Fog on top of Gravity and Tentacles
    • Phase 5: Fog and Gravity and Monster Heads
    • Phase 6: Just Monster Heads + massive rate of fireballs
    • End: Game Over - stats screen


Week 6 7 8 9 10
Franklin Loading screen
Shooter attack logic
World and HUD events
Shooter special power
Design other powers?
Texturing arena
Testing/Bug Fixing Testing Presentation
Bryan Monster Tentacle AI
Tentacle animations
Monster Head AI
Head animations
Texturing!! Testing Presentation
Justina Cyborg model/animations
Tentacle animations/texturing
Head model
Head animations/texturing
Shooter model/animations
Cyborg/Shooter texturing
Particle textures
Prettier Graphics
Demo Design
Finalize Graphics
Nathan Lazy follow camera
Height map collision
Render complete arena
Fix collision boxes with visualization
Bug Fixing
Enhancing Physics
Harpoon Swinging
Bug Fixing/Testing Testing Presentation
Michael Arena object models
Arena textures
Sound effects
(attack, charge, jump, collision, tentacle)
Finalized Arena model
Fully integrated sounds Testing Presentation
Suman Shooter graphics
Charge particle effects
Memory/CPU profiling
Head attack design
Shooter graphics
Harpoon laser particle effects
HUD Designs
Start screen design
Testing/Bug Fixing
Testing Presentation
Haro Tentacle smash attack
Roll tentacle to player
Tentacle collision boxes
Smash combo attack
Push away attack
Ask Hiram for space texture
Head attacks
Head collision boxes
Testing/Bug Fixing Testing Presentation


Perf Stats

Getting started