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Week Graphics Modelling Music Game Engine Game Logic Networking Milestones
1 Planning/Setup Concept Art Research Planning/Setup Planning/Setup Planning/Setup Setup
2 Object Loading, Camera Cubes, Concept Art Start working with DirectSound Object Management XBox Controls mapping, config file, debug console Basic Network working (Message Passing)
3 Basic HUD, Collision Detection, Textures Basic Tentacle, One Character Model Rendering of boss and character Basic Movement Client/Server, Game Engine Integration
4 Arena Textures/Lighting Basic Head, Basic Arena Integrate basic sound effects with Engine Basic Physics, Render Arena Character/Boss attacks, Death Logic Multiple Clients working MVP
5 Shaders, Particle Effects Basic Animation, Second Character Model Sound effects for boss More complex Physics, switching of gravity Multiple Players Testing/Maintenance
6 Animations Dungeon Model Background music for the Battle Complex character and boss movement + attacks Alpha
7 Dungeon Lighting/Textures Third and Fourth Character Models Sound effects for characters Tutorial Dungeon logic
8 Additional Effects, Black Box Testing Menu, Intro Scene, Exit Scene More sound effects, Black Box Testing Black Box Testing Black Box Testing Black Box Testing
9 Debug/Cleanup Debug/Cleanup Debug/Cleanup Debug/Cleanup Debug/Cleanup Debug/Cleanup Beta
10 Catch Up Catch Up Catch Up Catch Up Catch Up Catch Up Demo