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Graphics Branch Setup

Weekly Screenshots

magic combinations

Status Reports:

Alvin Chen

Zhen Yuan Xiao

Matthew Chu

Matthew Scheifer

Bowen Shu


Tai Nguyen


Doable this week?

  • defense buff
  • balance debuffs, mana cost, movement, melee vs projectile , charge time
  • wall height and scaling
  • projectile changing side on gfx
  • finalize map, make it dynamic
  • sound fx
    • pick up weapon
    • switch weapon
    • combine
    • fire
    • melee
    • charge
  • remove the old power up stuff
  • weapons go away after you drop, or some way to get around 2 weapons that get put in the same spot, can be solved by giveing small velocity and using gravity
  • weapon spawns (the basic attack should be random of the type 1 elements) (make sure like 10 don't spawn in the same spot. (Allen)
  • get hit while charging disables the projectile (alvin)
  • look for sounds SRS this is important EVERyonE can do this simultaneously, i'm taking the ones from FE right now lol
    • shooting projectile (could be more specific to type (fire/thunder/ice))
    • combining projectile
    • get hit
    • charging
  • debuffs [matthew will do over weekend]
    • slower when hit by ice etc
  • score screen (bowen)
  • game logic and respawning
  • melee
  • object pooling for weaponfist and weaponfire
  • cannot do stuff on death
  • sound for charging (should stop when stop charging)(alvin)
  • rotate projectiles bounding box (matthew)
  • 2 bounding box for player (matthew)


  • HUD (bowen)
    • get images in HUD (bowen and khanh)
    • aimer, like magic circle (bowen and khanh)
    • pick up weapon feed back (should tell you what you can pick up) (bowen)
    • knowing which weapon is equipped, which one can be switched to (bowen and matt c?)
    • currently charged spell
    • charge timer visualization (how much time left to charge, and what next spell will be)
  • multiple animations for attack\
  • particles
  • crouch
  • animation for walls


  • clocks to ticks
  • associate z with depth and y with height


  • animations
  • transformation feedback
  • advanced shader staff
  • put buffers into buffer class
  • rotations of player does not match (if player is looking at you, you see their side)

known issues

  • input, cant press 2 buttons sometimes
  • lag when charging
  • drop your first staff of fire, is unable to render because that weapon (originally on player) was not in entities