Project Description

What kind of game are you planning to build?

We are building a fps(first person shooting) game. The game should consist of four players, two teams and each team has eight players. So it’s a 8 vs 8 game with a death match mode.

What are the goals of the game, how do players win, how do they lose?

The goal of game is to kill all the enemies. The game should have 3 rounds. Whichever team win two out of three rounds will win the game.

What are the interesting or unique aspects to your game?

We will be shooting bananas.

What are the list of features of your game? Prioritize them into at least three categories: “Must Have”, “Would Be Really Nice”, and “Cool But Only If Ahead Of Schedule”.

Must have:




Sound Effect

Main menu




phong shading

Shadow mapping

Collision detection


Would be really nice:

Multiple types of Character

environment mapping

Cool but only if ahead of schedule:

More game model

Team captains and characters

Improved Network performance

Group Management

Group Management

What are the major roles in your group’s management?

Graph: Jie Sheng, Qianchen Zhao and Yangshuoshen Liu
Game Engine: Yuxiang Di, Yule Lin and Yuxiao Zhou
Networking: Yuxiang Di, Yule Lin and Yuxiao Zhou
Game Logic: Yuxiang Di, Qianchen Zhao Yuxiao Zhou and Yule Lin
3D Moduling: Yichi Yan
Sound: TBD

How will decisions be made? By leader, consensus?

The decision is made on consensus base on personal skills and preference.

How will you communicate? Email, meetings in the lab, discussion board?

We have a Wechat group and everyone is pretty active in this group. Also, since many members of our team have the same classes in this quarter. We will almost meeting everyday in anywhere and anytime.

How will you know when you’re off schedule, and how will you deal with schedule slips?

When someone is off schedule, the other members will notified by Wechat message.

Who will produce the weekly group status reports?

We have created weekly report categories,and each team member will update under each specific week.

Project Development

Project Development

What are the development roles and who will handle them?

Graphics:  Jie Sheng,  Yangshuoshen Liu,  Qianchen Zhao
Networking:  Yuxiao Zhou,  Yuxiang Di,  Yule  Lin
Art:  Yichi  Yan

What tools will you use?

IDE: Visual Studio
Library: OpenGL library

How will you do testing?

We will test the functionality of each function.(Unit test)

How will you do documentation (both internal group documentation as well as external player documentation)?

The documentation is distributed to each group member.
Internal group documentation: Yuxiao Zhou, Yuxiang Di, Yule Lin
external player documentation: Jie Sheng,  Yangshuoshen Liu,  Qianchen Zhao