Project Development

Project Development

What are the development roles and who will handle them?

Graphics:  Jie Sheng,  Yangshuoshen Liu,  Qianchen Zhao
Networking:  Yuxiao Zhou,  Yuxiang Di,  Yule  Lin
Art:  Yichi  Yan

What tools will you use?

IDE: Visual Studio
Library: OpenGL library

How will you do testing?

We will test the functionality of each function.(Unit test)

How will you do documentation (both internal group documentation as well as external player documentation)?

The documentation is distributed to each group member.
Internal group documentation: Yuxiao Zhou, Yuxiang Di, Yule Lin
external player documentation: Jie Sheng,  Yangshuoshen Liu,  Qianchen Zhao

About the author: Yuxiang Di