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Project Specification


What kind of game are you planning to build?

A 3D, multiplayer, PvP, team-based, territorial world conquer game.

What are the goals of the game, how do players win, how do they lose?

Players take the form of a blob and their goal is to take over the world. Players win by conquering the most territory when the time limit is over. Players can lose by running out of lives or not having the most territory when the game ends.

What are the interesting or unique aspects to your game?

Players play as a blob and they can grow as they collect more mass.

What are the list of features of your game? Prioritize them into at least three categories: “Must Have”, “Would Be Really Nice”, and “Cool But Only If Ahead Of Schedule”.

Core Features

  • Sound
  • Game menu
  • Game HUD
  • World coloring
  • Play as a blob
  • Capture civilizations
  • Take over planet
  • Gaining mass
  • Lighting
  • Textures
  • Rotatable camera
  • Movement acceleration
  • PvP combat

Release Features

  • Minimap
  • Character selector
  • Splash screen
  • Player settings
  • Loading screen
  • Terrain
  • Cities
  • Spherical world
  • Shadows
  • Animations
  • Score screen

Expansion Features

  • Toggle-able control overlay
  • Alternative game modes
  • Lobby system
  • Intro movie
  • XBox control
  • Trees/oceans
  • Power-Ups
  • World destruction
  • Player abilities
  • Teams
  • Pre-recorded sounds




Group Management

What are the major roles in your group’s management?

Tech Lead: Robert

Facilitator: Kyle

Reporter: Mimi

Time/Schedule management: Beth

Code Monkey: All

Art Monkey: Mimi, Beth, Sanjana, Robert

How will decisions be made? By leader, consensus?

We will try to come to decisions by consensus. If we cannot agree then will make viable decision by deadline.

How will you communicate? Email, meetings in the lab, discussion board?

  1. Facebook group
  2. Facebook chat
  3. Gmail
  4. Slack
  5. Google Docs

How will you know when you’re off schedule, and how will you deal with schedule slips?

We will have weekly meetings and a Trello board to keep track of weekly tasks. Our goal is to make sure that all tasks are done by end of week. We will look at which tasks haven’t been completed and adapt appropriately. More people might be allocated to a task if we are behind.

Who will produce the weekly group status reports?

We will do this collectively but Reporter finalizes and publishes them.



What are the development roles and who will handle them?

Game Design: All of us.

Graphics: Robert, Sanjana

Networking: Kyle, Ben

Gameplay/Controls: Mimi, Beth

Art: Outside sources or Mimi and Beth

What tools will you use?

  • OpenGL
  • C++
  • VS2013
  • Github/Git

How will you do testing?

We will do unit test on basic functionality after we implement a new feature. We will also do alpha testing by playing the game every week and find bugs.

How will you do documentation (both internal group documentation as well as external player documentation)?

Code commenting and style will be enforced. We will also keep track of features update and progress through the website.



Game Logic
Week 1 Basic moving object in window Network architecture and protocol design. Encapsulated Render Objects Basic menu transition / Object and Player movement Concept art of blob and world
Week 2 Moving blob in window Basic networking – client/server. Custom Geometry and Textures Blob attributes Concept art of blob and world
Week 3 Loopback server with moving blob Single client sending/receiving game data Basic Scene Graph blob and world interaction
Week 4 Playable alpha Multiple client sending/receiving game data. Basic GFX/Input API Blob and world interaction
Week 5 Playable and winnable alpha HUD and Menu Winning conditions Find/create sounds
Week 6 Player to player interaction Lighting and Shadows Player blob interaction Background music
Week 7 Basic Game done Lighting and Shadows Player blob interaction Sound effects
Week 8 Game is fun and beautiful Advanced Shading Additional fun features
Week 9 Game is more fun, beautiful, and performs well Optimization Additional fun features
Week 10 Game is even more fun Additional fun features

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