Spring 2018

The goal of CSE 125 is to experience the design and implementation of a large, complex software system in large groups. Over the course of 10 weeks, the groups decide on the features of their project, specify its requirements, create a design and implementation schedule, implement it, and give a public demonstration. To make the class exciting as well as challenging, the project is a distributed, real-time, 3D, multiplayer game of each group's design.

Video: Introduction
Speaker: Geoff Voelker
Length: 14:35

Doom and Bloom (Plantoon)

Lucas Blumhardt, Anfernee Goon, Emily Jung, Christina Mak, Johnson Pang, Gustaaf Vogel

Video: Doom and Bloom
Speaker: Anfernee Goon, Gustaaf Vogel
Length: 18:22

Fury Max: Mad Road (Core Tile)

Nicholas Basiago, Dana Kimball, Philip Knapp, Karen Lo, Patrick Traynor, Timothy Wang

Video: Fury Max: Mad Road
Speaker: Timothy Wang, Dana Kimball
Length: 15:46

Leaf Me Alone (C3rb3rus)

Kristin Agcaoili, Maxwell Bland, Yiming Cai, Nicholas Crow, Anish Kannan, Connor Smith

Video: Leaf Me Alone
Speaker: Anish Kannan, Maxwell Bland
Length: 18:50

Balloonatics! (4tw)

Vincent Bai, Leon Cheung, Michael Khorram, Kyle Leung, Brian Tan, Nicholas Wong

Video: Balloonatics!
Speaker: Vincent Bai, Leon Cheung
Length: 15:46

Death Flag (🤔 Thinking Emoji)

Leon Medvinsky, Christopher Ozawa, Paula Quach, Zixian Wang, Jimmy Ye, Jamie Zhang, Vivian Zhang

Video: Death Flag
Speaker: Jamie Zhang, Vivian Zhang
Length: 16:30