12 May 2014

Goals From Last Week

  • Get the tube generation program working correctly so we can have a track to move the players along.
  • Implement any more animations (like one for the Ecoli model).
  • Get the animation loading working properly with the engine ( this might be done by tonight :D ).

Accomplished Goals

  • Tube is being generated with texture mapped to it (may need to fine tune tube more).
  • Animation and bump map unfortunately weren’t able to make progress on due to 127 project.

Problems with Meeting Goals

  • Tube generation is working, however there are a few spots where the tube’s wall is a little corkscrewed. Need to figure out why that is occuring. Also bump mapping ran into a little bit of trouble but I have some ideas to get it to work.
  • Tried different logic for generating the tube which could correct the above problem but the generated tube looked horrible so that was reverted.

Goals for Next Week

  • Get bump mapping working properly on tube.
  • Get animation for ecoli working.

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