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We are team Nord, and our game is called “Dr. Chao”. Our idea is to create a Mafia-like game. The backstory is that Dr. Chao and his team of special surgeons are trying to perform a surgery on a patient, but it goes goes horribly wrong and he turns into a transforming werewolf. The patient wants to extract revenge on the doctors for botching his surgery and tries to kill them. The doctors must figure out who is the werewolf and kill him before he kills all of them.

The gameplay will work as follows: There will be two teams, the killer and innocents. By day, all players will look the same. By night, the killer will transform into a “killer mode” and attempt to kill the others. “Killer mode” gives the killer night vision and other advantages, but it will still not be easy to kill all of the other players. The other players will have to figure out who the killer is (they can’t see him at night, and he looks normal during the day) and team up to kill him.

Team: Nord

Members: Zhen Xiao, Alvin Chen, Bowen Shu, Guruganesh Kotta, Matthew Scheifer, Matthew Chu, Khanh Nguyen

1 Project Description:

What kind of game are you planning to build?

   First Person ‘Mafia’ oriented game
   The player controls a single person and is randomly assigned a role of either killer or innocent
   Players can kill other players
   The killer is able to activate “werewolf” mode during the night which grants them increased stats

What are the goals of the game, how do players win and how do they lose?

   Innocent Victory: kill the killer
   Killer Victory: kill all innocents

What are the interesting or unique aspects to your game?

   There is a day night cycle. Innocents have trouble seeing during the night.
   This a social engineering game where players attempt to deduce a killer among themselves.
       There are few games where teams are not clear cut

What are the list of features of your game? Prioritize them into at least three categories: “Must Have”, “Would Be Really Nice,” and “Cool But Only If Ahead Of Schedule”.

Must Have:

   One player is a werewolf, the others are innocent
   Day/Night cycle (Innocents cannot see as well in the night)
   killer can transform into werewolf mode during the night and gets increased stats (and abilities?)
   Networked supporting 4 players or more
   Cel Shaded graphics
   Player can interact with world using keyboard and mouse
   Player knows the time

Would Be Really Nice:

   Killer has glowing red eyes at night
   When an innocent is near a killer at night, their vision gets distorted
   Item pick ups (Making werewolf or innocents stronger or granting them abilities)
   If the game goes on too long the killer is stuck in killer mode, thus revealing his identity (this happens in the day) (Use lunar cycle?)
   Music, Sound effects
   Voice Chat
   Run, stamina

Cool But Only If Ahead of Schedule:

   Taunt, Laugh
   When you die you come back as a ghost (can move objects)
   Dynamically generated maps or multiple maps
   Exploding Barrels
   Destructible Environment

2 Group Management:

What are the major roles in your group’s management?

   Art Lead: Khanh
   Games Lead: Zhen
   Graphics Lead: Matt S.
   Team/Network Lead: Matt C.

How will decisions be made? By leader, consensus?


How will you communicate? Email, meetings in the lab, discussion board?

   We have a group facebook, to discuss ideas, and organize meetings
   We will have one or more mandatory weekly meetings

How will know when you’re off schedule, and how will you deal with schedule slips?

   We plan to set milestones and strictly follow them.
   We will have weekly meetings to discuss progress and blocks; and how to get around them
   We will either pick up the pace, or assign others to help

Who will produce the weekly group status reports?

   Everyone is responsible for their own status report

3 Project Development

What are the development roles and who will handle them? These are the main roles:

   Networking: Matt C., Bowen
   Art: Khanh
   Graphics: Guruganesh, Matt S.
   Gameplay/Misc: Zhen, Alvin

If development is finished earlier, others can help in other departments.

What tools will you use?

   Source Control: Git
   Language: C++
   IDE: Visual Studio
   Libraries: SFML
   3d Modeling: 3ds Max

How will you do testing?

   We will play game ourselves
   We can have our friends test

How will you do documentation (both internal group documentation as well as external player documentation)?

   For internal documentation, we will simply use google docs spreadsheets, and good programming practice (comments/header file/other in-code documentation).
   For external documentation, we will use the website provided and document in an instructional manner.

4 Project Schedule:

Week 1:

   Finish Spec
   Set up Repository
   Set up working environment
   Reading and research on respective departments

Week 2:

   [Networking] Server/Client connection in TCP
   [Graphics/Gameplay] Basic Client, load object and model
   [Gameplay] Game state API (status of player)
   [Gameplay] Config file

Week 3:

   [Gameplay] Ability to move
   [Gameplay] Basic game logic
   [Networking] Echo server
   [Graphics] Toon shader
   [Networking] Packet Design

Week 4:

   [Gameplay] More advanced game logic
   [Graphics] Day / Night cycle
   [Gameplay] One player
   [Gameplay] Werewolf mode
   [Gameplay] basic HUD
   [Gameplay] melee attack
   [Networking] 4 way Text chat

Week 5:

   [Gameplay] Collision Detection
   [Gameplay] Projectile attack?
   [Gameplay] Basic Physics
   [Networking/Gameplay] 4 players simultaneously 

Week 6:

   [Graphics] Basic Animations
   [Gameplay] All must have mechanics
   [Networking] Voice chat
   [Art] Models done

Week 7:

   [Graphics] Red eyes
   [Graphics] Particle system (blood)
   [Gameplay] Ghost Mode (Free Camera)
   Working prototype

Week 8:

   [Graphics] Advanced Animations
   [Gameplay] Item Pickups
   [Gameplay] Advanced Physics
   [Gameplay] Ghost Mode (Poltergeist)
   [Art] Sound effects

Week 9:

   [Gameplay] All would be really nice features
   [Gameplay] Exploding barrels
   [Art] Music

Week 10:

   Fix all bugs
   [Gameplay] Advanced Chemistry
   [Gameplay] make game into a spiderman RTS