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Funny Thoughts

Ideas that might be fun to implement but we probably won't get to

  • On startup, have all the players on the bridge in a startrek-like setup. Have the characters animated to be doing nothing. On each screen, have a display that says "Press A to do your job". When they press (and hold?) A, it kicks in an animation of them tapping buttons or something. When all players are doing their job, the ship breaks down, and the captain yells at them for not doing their job fast enough. Note: it is impossible for everyone to do their job fast enough, he will always yell at you.
  • On startup, similar to the above, but instead of pressing A to do their job, press A to take a break. Pressing A makes the players lean back or something. After a certain amount of time, if the Captain is not taking a break, the Captain will yell at them (Captain's button will say "zone out", creating a longer period without players zoning in). If all players are taking a break at the same time, the ship crashes, the game begins.
  • Alternate power for the scanner person: using a harmony wave to stop a tentacle from attacking. Could he helpful if creating weak points would be out of our scope.

Questions for Discussion

Things we haven't discussed

  • Geoff mentioned in class having two exe files or projects, one for the server and one for the client. Are we good with this or would we like to find another layout?